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[Selling] Marvel Gashapon Figures


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Feedback Post

If you've ever bought or commissioned anything from me and can take a moment to leave feedback, it would be much appreciated! :D

Please rate the experience/transaction as: Positive, Neutral, or Negative; and state what item you bought or commissioned from me. Any other comments are not required, but always appreciated. ^^ Thank you so much!

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There is a bidding war on YJ for a Romano rubber strap and it's literally up to 30,500 yen.

That's almost $400. For a rubber strap O.O

5.9 Earthquake hits VA


The epicenter was like 30 miles from my old apartment. O.O

I haven't gotten a chance to talk to my sister, but my mother did and said she's ok...but...but earthquakes don't hit Virginia!  Charleston, yes but Richmond? W.T.F. O_O

Edit: Just talked to my sister (cell phone coverage is sketchy right now) and she's fine. Luckily it wasn't so bad that stuff started falling down and breaking in her lab (she's a chemistry P.h.D. student) but the university had them evacuate the building until everything could be checked out. She's still at school, so she doesn't know if there was any damage to our apartment.

Just. what the hell? Hurricanes- been  there, done that. Tornadoes are always a possibility...but, but not earthquakes. 

Edit again: Ok, someone seriously needs to inform CNN and MSNBC that the closest major city to the earthquake was Richmond not NYC. Why are you interviewing random-ass New Yorkers? It was like a 2.0 in New York. I totally understand why D.C.'s getting so much coverage, since they're about an hour away from us. 

Argh- Now CNN's covering Bloomberg's press conference...and they have yet to have any reports out of Richmond.

FAIL!News Channels are made of FAIL!

Must get my hands on this book!

Instructions for American Servicemen in Australia, 1942

Here's a quote from the book:

"There is one thing to get straight, right off the bat. You aren't in Australia to save a helpless people from the savage Jap. Maybe there are fewer people in Australia than there are in New York City, but their soldiers, in this war and the last, have built up a great fighting record. For three years now, they've fought on nearly every battlefront in the war. The Australians need our help in winning this war, of course, but we need theirs just as much. You might remember this when you get into an argument about who's going to win the war: not so long ago in a Sydney bar, an American soldier turned to an Australian next to him and said: 'Well, Aussie, you can go home now. We've come over to save you.' The Aussie cracked back: 'Have you? I thought you were a refugee from Pearl Harbour'."


note to self...

never click on fem!Australia stories when browsing fanfiction.net

it will not end well... ||OTL

ilu guys...

I really do.

I just wasted my whole afternoon on Tumblr reading the wank over the b.s. going down on deviantART about New Zealand's gender and the whole thing totally reinforces how awesome everyone in fairdinkumbamf is. <3



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EDIT: As of Friday, June 3 all packages have been mailed out.

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